An Introduction To Feminization For New Sissies

Goddess Dylan - An Introduction To Feminization For New Sissies

An Introduction To Feminization For New Sissies

This clip is an introduction for ?men? who are just becoming sissies for the first time. And there is no one better than Goddess Dylan at educating sissies. Dylan is soooo girly and treats you as if you were one of her girlfriends! Dylan is so giggly and has such a bubbly personality you?ll simply fall for her charms and want to be her new sissy gf. You?re going to be thanking her for turning you into the sissy of your fantasies.
Are you a new sissy? The thought of it has been turning you on for quite some time and now you?re ready to take the first steps. But you?ve never been a girl, you don?t know where to begin. Have no fear, Goddess Dylan is the ultimate sissy trainer. She?s going to teach you all the essentials. How to shave or wax. I mean, no one?s going to take you seriously if you have hair all over your body. She?ll help you pick out some new lotions and fragrances as well so you don?t smell like a man.
She?ll help you pick out a wig and how to do your eyebrows to match. Then she?s going to give you a complete make-up tutorial. What to buy, where to buy it and most importantly, how to apply it. This is crucial in your sissy transformation.
Next she will help you with your clothes. From shoes, to skirts, panties to pantyhose, bras and tops, Dylan will help you look your sluttiest in a style that suits you. LOL! OMG Dylan had so much fun making this clip. By the time she?s done you?re going to be feeling so slutty and girly, you might even be passable!

An Introduction To Feminization For New Sissies

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