Maya Midnight - I?ll Tell Her, Since You Can?t

Maya Midnight - I?ll Tell Her, Since You Can?t

Maya Midnight - I?ll Tell Her, Since You Can?t

If you're a cuckie loser, this video is not for you. I'm not talking to you, I don't care about you. This video is for your wife. So pause it and go get her, I need to talk to her, since apparently you can't do it.
"Unfortunately you've married a wimpy little bitch who jerks off to humiliation porn. And while that's a shame, there is a silver lining here for you. You see, your husband is a cuckold. That means that he gets off to the fact that you are having better hotter sex, with better men than him. And he gets off on how inadequate he is. And that's why you're unsatisfied in bed with him. He has a small dick, he knows it, and wants to watch as more well hung men satisfy you, all while you both laugh in his face. Not bad, right?"
"You can fuck whoever you want and your little cuckold husband is going to encourage it. He's been jerking off to this for quite some time. He's just been too afraid to see what would happen if you learned you really could fuck whoever you wanted. But now that you know, he'll get used to it because you deserve more. More than the pathetic tiny dicked cuck husband you married. And not only do you deserve it, you can get it, and he wants that!"
"Well since he knows he can't satisfy you in bed, at least he's willing to make sure you're satisfied. You just need to take charge, he likes this, it is his proper place. You can start by telling him that you won't be having sex with him anymore because of his worthless little dick. Explain to him that you'll be going out on dates with other men, and that he's going to assist you."
"And to further control him, you're going to need to put him in chastity. He jerks off way too much, you need to make him more productive by controlling his orgasms. He needs to learn to accept that he can't jerkoff and he can't fuck you ever again. Once he accepts these things, you will both be much happier.
You're going to get fucked so hard in ways that your pathetic little cuckold husband never could. You can even let him watch or stick him in the closet til you're done. Then you can invite him over to clean out your pussy from your lover's cum. And have him do it in front of your lover, it will really put him in his place. I have so many more fun ideas for you. You have no idea the kind of humiliation your cuck husband enjoys, and I'm going to fill you in on every detail. No need to thank me, he wants this, I'm simply letting you know."

Maya Midnight - I?ll Tell Her, Since You Can?t

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