Maya Midnight ? You Can?t Stop Jerking, You Can?t

Maya Midnight ? You Can?t Stop Jerking, You Can?t

Maya Midnight ? You Can?t Stop Jerking, You Can?t

Hardcore mocking and verbal abuse!
Hey you stupid wanker. We need to have a talk about how much you jerk off. I know you're at home right now, jerking off already to this video. But seriously, you jerkoff waaaay too much! You're at home furiously jerking like an idiot right now and even as I'm shaming you for it, it makes you jerk even faster. Complete fucking moron. And even if you're thinking somewhere in the back of your mind, "Maybe she's right, maybe I shouldn't be masturbating so much?", you Still can't fucking take your hand off of your cock! You can't, you can't! LOL!
This is who you are and this is what you do. You don't get pussy so all you do is sit at home in front of your computer and jerkoff like a total fucking retard. And this only ensures that you won't get pussy or a woman, because you can't stop touching yourself. Not even to go out on a date. You'd rather stay at home and jerk, jerk, jerk like the fucking idiot that you are.
And maybe for a brief moment, after you cum, you might feel very ashamed of yourself. You tell yourself that you need to stop this behavior of jerking off to loser porn while girls make fun of how pathetic you are. But then five minutes later...... You Start Jerking Again! LOL! Jerk, jerk, jerk loser. You can't stop. And you know that my words are the truth.
Jerk, jerk, jerk, you can't help yourself. A total slave to your cock with no self control. You wanna stop? You wanna take your hand off your cock? You Can't! LOL! You can't, you can't, you can't! LOL! Stupid little masturbator. This is what you are, a masturbating loser and you jerk off to that fact. It's a never ending cycle. You KNOW you jerkoff too much and yet you still can't stop! You're so fucked!

Maya Midnight ? You Can?t Stop Jerking, You Can?t

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