Megan Foxx ? Jerk It, Hurt It, And Ruin It

Megan Foxx ? Jerk It, Hurt It, And Ruin It

Megan Foxx ? Jerk It, Hurt It, And Ruin It

Hey losers, today I'm going to teach you to jerk it, and hurt it. Start out playing with the head until it's really sensitive. Then when it's nice and sensitive, give it a good whack! LOL! Go from pleasure to pain for me. Don't complain, do it! Then go back and play with the head some more. Oh yea, I know that feels so good. Now jerk it for me, up and down, nice and slow, make that cock feel good. But only so I can hurt it, lol!
Now let go and smack your cock with your open palm. One hand and then the other. Back and forth. Keep slapping it! Lol, it hurts so much more once you've played with it for a bit first. Then I want you to jerk it and then slap it. A couple of strokes then one hard slap. Do this again and again! LOL! Fucking loser. You'll do anything I tell you to. Jerk it and hurt it.
Gently rub the palm of your hand over the head then I want you to flick the head with your fingers. Flick it, hard! Make it hurt, bitch. Now slap the whole thing. Slap your cock around for me. Learn how to endure pain for me. You don't deserve to jerk off all day and just bring yourself pleasure. You deserve pain from a bitch like me!
Now flick the shaft. Flick, flick, flick. I think it's so funny that you'll hurt yourself for me. Then hit yourself in the balls. LOL, make it hurt. Hit them so hard your stomach hurts. Now back to some pleasure, jerk it again, make your cock soooo sensitive for me. Bring yourself to the edge and then.... let go and slap your cock hard! Again! No pleasure for you loser. And the sick thing is that some of you losers enjoy this pain.
Now jerk it again, bring yourself to the edge one more time, get so close, and just when you start to cum, let go and SMACK THAT DICK HARD! AGAIN AND AGAIN! Smack it while the cum comes dribbling out. Hit your balls too! Fucking idiot! I love ruining your orgasms.

Megan Foxx ? Jerk It, Hurt It, And Ruin It

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