Miss Deeane ? Descending Into Slavery Through My Socks

Miss Deeane ? Descending Into Slavery Through My Socks

Miss Deeane ? Descending Into Slavery Through My Socks

You are here to serve your Mistress. You are here to be seduced on the pathway of special training. My voice is going to lead you into oblivion. My voice is going to destroy all those neurons that you had before. And it's going to peacefully replace them with something more interesting and attractive. I'm going to recreate yourself, releasing everything that you knew. Let it all slip away.
I'm going to make you honor, appreciate and serve..... my socks... It feels so easy to close your eyes and accept your fate. My socks are so dirty and so smelly. And I will program you to take my socks and worship them. It doesn't matter if you're into socks or not. Now inhale, then exhale. Deeply. You're beginning to feel dizzy. You feel this need to release all the thoughts that have been in your brain all day long. Your only desire is to follow my voice. You are walking into my world, a world filled with silence and appreciate towards your Mistress. You will obey all of my commands.
You accept my socks as a special treat. You love this treat. You want your treat, you desire your treat. You will inhale and exhale my socks. This will begin to turn you into a real slave. Each inhale and exhale only takes you deeper. My socks, and their smell, are making you more and more addicted. You love this. You will miss my socks when they are gone from your face. You embrace my socks. You lose yourself in their scent as you descend deeper into slavery. You're falling deeper into submission. And it feels so good the deeper you go..
You find yourself craving my socks more and more. You will find yourself needing my scent. You will be addicted to it.

Miss Deeane ? Descending Into Slavery Through My Socks

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