Miss Deeane ? You Crave Affection Through Humiliation

Miss Deeane ? You Crave Affection Through Humiliation

Miss Deeane ? You Crave Affection Through Humiliation

I am your Mistress. And as such, I need to explain to you what affection is and you need to understand why it is that you seek out humiliation from someone like me. You see they are one and the same. When you seek humiliation, you are simply seeking affection. You crave it, you beg for it, your heart wants it. You want affection. But how?
Well you?ve learned that you could get the affection of your Mistress by letting her humiliate you. And you don?t care how you get this affection, you just need it. So you seek it out in any form that you can, because you can?t get it the way a normal man would.
And we really don?t care about your affection, we just want you hooked. And I?m going to test your addiction to my words, I?m going to test how much you desire this affection. Let?s start by having you stare at my perfect ass as I move it rhythmically back and forth. You love it, kiss it, kiss my ass fucktard. Keep watching, let your addiction grow, with every movement you?re getting more and more aroused. A slave like you needs to be programmed, towards perfection, toward the pathway to submission. I know your receptors are tuned towards submission, and all I?m doing is deciding what to do with your brain and how I?m going to manipulate it.
Now for another test? I?m going to take a drink and spit it out onto a plate. This is going to be your new diet. So come here on your hands and knees and beg for your food. But you?re not going to lick it off of the plate, you?re going to lick it off of my feet, to show, to prove your affection. Lick it off from my heel to my toes. And this will arouse you, it will bring you happiness because you will finally be getting what you wanted, affection. Thank your Mistress for being so nice to you with my foot in your mouth.
Now before you go, wipe my feet clean with this paper towel, and open your mouth so I can squeeze the rest of the juice into your mouth. Through my careful training, you will learn appreciation for your Mistress and you earn my affection.

Miss Deeane ? You Crave Affection Through Humiliation

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