Real Chastity Training

Real Chastity Training With Princess Lyne

Real Chastity Training

Do you see this little device right here? This little cock cage? I want to have a contest. I want to see who can stay in chastity for me the longest. I want you to lock your cock up, then note the time and date, and take a picture as proof. How long do you think you can go for me, a week, a month? I know this will be hard for some of you as you normally can't go even one day without jerking to me. But I know some of you want to stand out among the rest and prove to me that you're willing to do anything to please me.
So once you're locked up and you've taken a picture, I want you to email it to me. And then I want an email every day that you're locked up, telling me of your progress and your feelings. (I provide my email in the clip.) And in each email, I want you to thank me for doing this to you. And the winner will get a prize from me, a personalized gift. Isn't that worth the torture, loser?
I wonder how long you will last? Most of you are so used to jerking whenever you want. So just to make this a bit more challenging, every day I want you to watch your favorite clips of mine while you're in chastity. I want that cock hard and throbbing against it's cage. I want you horny and stupid every moment of every day. I want you mind completely fixated on me. I know that's what chastity does to you.
It's going to be so much fun listening to how frustrated you are. You'll be begging me to let you out and to let you jerk, but I won't let you. I want you hard, horny and frustrated for me. After a few weeks your mind will probably start turning to mush. But you know the more you sacrifice for me the greater the reward will be. Think about how amazing your chastity orgasm will feel once I finally do let you out.
Daily updates are required. If you fail to email me even just one day, you're out. I know most of you losers won't even last a day. You don't want to prove your devotion to me, you're just a worthless, selfish, jerkoff loser. I'm looking for devoted slaves. Those who want to take the next step. Those of you who actually want their cocks locked up and controlled by me. You need me to control you.
Who's ready for the biggest mindfuck of their lives? I want to hold your keys, I want to toy with your emotions, I enjoy fucking with you. Let me push you to your limits as I torment you daily. I'll even make a video for the winner telling him how much more I'm going to torment him, LOL! And as one final reward, I'll even wear your key around my neck. Wouldn't that be special?

Real Chastity Training

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