Sahrye - You Can Only Please A Woman With Your Tongue

Sahrye - You Can Only Please A Woman With Your Tongue

Sahrye - You Can Only Please A Woman With Your Tongue

This hypno clip is designed to ensure that you will never have sex with a woman again. That your only thoughts will be of pleasing her with your mouth and your tongue. Enchantress Sahrye has a way of taking you deep into your subconscious and implanting triggers in your brain. Be warned, you will never want to fuck again.

Take a deep breath and relax. Clear your mind. Feel all the tension leak away from your body. As you exhale, let all your worries leave your mind. Just listen to my soothing voice. Nothing else matters. Let my voice echo in the far corners of your mind. Feel your blood begin to rush through your veins. Fall deeper and deeper into a blissful state of relaxation... Deep sleep. Listen to my words as they permanently implant themselves in your brain forever...

You will only desire to please a woman with your mouth. The only way that you could ever possibly service a woman is with your tongue in her pussy. And you would be lucky even to do this. You are not a real man. And you do not have the capabilities of pleasing a woman with your cock. And you will only be allowed to lick her pussy for two reasons: One, to get her wet for a real mans' cock, or two, to clean out her pussy when she's finished being fucked. This is your job, this is your duty.

You love your place in life. You feel honored to be able to service a woman in this way. You will have no desire to fuck women, ever. Only to lick their pussies. You could never please a woman by fucking her. And you no longer have the desire to try. Only lick, clean and service. You can only please her with your mouth and that is all you will ever need to do to feel satisfied.

When you awaken, these will be your only thoughts now. It will make you so hard, the thought of pleasing a woman with your mouth. You will no longer think about having sex. The thought of having sex will not make you aroused. That is not your place in life. But that's ok, this will make you happy. This will bring you joy. You were born to service, and I will help you find fulfillment with your place in life. Licking pussy and cleaning cum is what you were born to do. When I snap my fingers, you'll never be the same again.....

Sahrye - You Can Only Please A Woman With Your Tongue

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