Seduced By Bikini Clad Property Manager 2

Princess Lyne - Seduced By Bikini Clad Property Manager 2

Seduced By Bikini Clad Property Manager 2

I?ve done such a great job as your property manager, and EVERYONE loves Me, but for some reason you want the keys back. Is it because I seduced the every single penny in rent from you? hahaha.. Okay, okay. Well, if you want these keys, let?s do what we did in Cayman, shall we? Let Me remind you of why I?m such a good property manager. The clip starts with Me fully clothed. It?s not long before I begin to unbutton My blouse that I can tell you?re starting to remember WHY everything went down the way it did. I can tell you?re already excited and wanting to stroke. But if you want to stroke, you will strip down completely naked and get on your knees. Get on your knees and BEG Me to give you back the keys. Oh and while you?re at it, why don?t you beg Me to take these jeans off?! Go ahead, beg for it bitch! Louder!! Okay, you?ve begged enough, I?ll take My jeans off now. But NO touching your tiny little cock! I know you love My ass so I tease you even more with perfect bubble butt in My shiny bikini bottoms. I rub the keys al over My ass, even drop them inside to torment you further! Actually, which do you want more: the keys or to stroke your cock? hahaha.. keep on begging Me?. I just LOVE watching you squirm! **Keys used in clip are the actual keys for the property in Grand Cayman**
Topics include: tease & denial, financial domination, powerful women, sensual domination, seduction, manipulation, ass worship, tit worship and more.

Seduced By Bikini Clad Property Manager 2

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