Seduced: From Nerdy Librarian to Hungry Cumslut

Natasha's Bedroom - Seduced: From Nerdy Librarian to Hungry Cumslut

Seduced: From Nerdy Librarian to Hungry Cumslut

Every time you visit your school library, you can't help but notice the cute but nerdy librarian. She looks so innocent with her glasses and knee socks, but you can almost spot something seductive behind her thick lashes and deep blue eyes. So, one day, you decide to ask her for some book recommendations.
She's shy and innocent, giggling as you turn down each item she suggests. Let's go to the book stacks; it's secluded there, but we might mind something you'd like. She pulls you away, and then, much to your surprise, she makes a confession: "I'm a virgin."
The next thing you know she's pulling off her plaid skirt and blouse, and then she starts rubbing her clit. Looking around to be sure no one can see, the librarian undoes your pants and starts sucking hungrily. She wraps her legs around you, knee socks still on, and then rides you hard.
After you both cum, you're shooed away - with your balls drained and a copy of Don Quixote in your hand.

Seduced: From Nerdy Librarian to Hungry Cumslut

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