Seduced Into My Lifelong Slave

Princess Lyne - Seduced Into My Lifelong Slave

Seduced Into My Lifelong Slave

**custom clip** you (an investigator) have been investigating a pattern of high end fraud, where men have been stealing from their companies, not for themselves but for someone else. It doesnt matter if they are married or single, its always the same description of the person that is involved but they always refuse to incriminate the woman who puts them up to this. you manage to track me down in My luxurious villa that I have obtained through "illegal" funds. Your plan is to arrest Me but I have been expecting you so I know exactly how to handle this situation. I am first covered in My robe, but underneath I am wearing a sexy little bikini. you begin by trying to get to the bottom of this? how am I able to convince so many men to fall victim to My beauty and hand over so much money? I remove my robe as I begin to explain and show you the way I seduce. Don't underestimate the subtlety of My seduction, it might seem as though you will be able to resist, but it always leaves men with no other choice but to submit to Me. My beautiful body and seductive nature is too powerful even for you. As I am showing you exactly how I do it, I start to ask you a series of questions. At first you try and resist, but it doesn't take long until you're on your knees stroking and answering My questions exactly as the rest of them did. See.. you too can be a "good boy" for Princess. The final step in submitting to Me and becoming My lifelong slave is the most intense orgasm you have ever had. But know this? once you experience this there is no turning back. I will have seduced you into becoming My lifelong slave. Think you can resist? No one can. If you liked this clip you will LOVE Irresistible Perfection

Seduced Into My Lifelong Slave

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