Still a virgin loser

Princess Jeslyn - Still a virgin loser

Still a virgin loser

How does it feel to be such a loser? A virgin loser! You must be fucking a fake vagina or have fucked a warm apple pie just to feel the warmth trying to replicate what it might feel like. Ha ha ha All you are is a jerk off addict! I would of thought by now you would of had a pity fuck! But NO you can't even get that. You're fucked for life Virgin! The best you can do to get a beautiful woman to pay attention to you is by paying me to make fun of you! You will never know what it's like to fuck a tight young hot pussy!! Ha haha You wouldn't have a clue how to please a woman anyway so you're better off staying a virgin!
Humiliation, Pointing & Laughing, Brat Girl

Still a virgin loser

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