Stupid Loser Step Daddy Caught Perving

Miss Kelle Martina - Stupid Loser Step Daddy Caught Perving

Stupid Loser Step Daddy Caught Perving

This is part one of a five part series to be released slowly over the next few months. (If you cant wait, the entire series is posted below.) It will be about the complete seduction of a loser perv step daddy by his spoiled bratty step daughter. Step daddy has been perving on his hot step daughter every night while she sleeps. He stares at her hot, young body, jerking off like an idiot. Although shes never let him know before, she knows. She moves her body around, teasing him, so he can get a better look. But tonight would be different, tonight she catches him. Dont move or Ill scream, she says. But tells him its ok, he doesnt need to stop. She tells him she kinda likes it, but really she thinks that hes a gross perv. But the fact that hes such an obsessed perv will make it easier for her to take advantage of him. She tells him that she knows hes been doing this, but if he wants to continue, he has to leave her money on her night stand every night that he does this, as payment for being allowed to jerk to her, and so that she will keep her mouth shut. She promises not to tell his wife what a little perv he is for her daughter. She tells him to keep jerking, and that hes going to pay, in more ways than one, and hes going to enjoy it. He doesnt really have a choice or shell expose him for the perv he is. She lets him stroke it for her hot, young ass. I dont really care if you cum or not, the only thing I care about is your money, Daddy, she giggles. She tells him how gross he is as he cums on the floor like a stupid pervert loser. Ew you fucking pervert, youre so gross. Idiot, get out of here But this is only the beginning.

Stupid Loser Step Daddy Caught Perving

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