Miss Lylith - Babied And Diapered

Miss Lylith - Babied And Diapered

Miss Lylith is going to be your mommie today. Do you need to have your diaper changed, baby? It seems you have made a mess in them, haven't you? You had better be a good baby and listen to Miss Lylith today. Get on your back and listen to her. Clean yourself off with baby wipes and put your pacifier back into your mouth and start jerking your little dick. You are told how disgusting you are, but Miss Lylith promises to put a new, clean diaper on you if you do as you are told. As you jerk your dick, her big titties pique your interest and you wish she would let you suckle them. She plays with her big tits as she shows you how to handle your own penis. She promises that you will be permitted to suckle only if you follow her commands. Miss Lylith knows that you want to have your own nursery with a crib, changing table, pretty balloon wall paper, and you will do anything to get it. When she calls you a bad baby, your little dick perks up. Miss Lylith knows what you want and she describes exactly the scenario you think about every single day. You just want someone to take care of you and coo over you as you sit around in your diaper. After you make a sticky mess in your diaper, Miss Lylith rewards you by changing you into a fresh diaper. What a messy baby you are!

Miss Lylith - Babied And Diapered

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Resolution: 1280 x 720

Miss Lylith - Babied And Diapered

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