First Time CEI

Natasha's Bedroom - First Time CEI

First Time CEI

So this is your first time eating cum, huh? Lucky for you, I love a challenge. There's nothing more satisfying to me than easing a virgin cum eater into tasting his very first load.
I'll take it nice and slow for your first time - there's no pressure here. We'll start out with a little pre-cum aperitif as I sweetly tease you into uncontrollable horniness. I'll build up your hunger for cum until you can't take it anymore, until you're begging for it, as I tell you about my first time swallowing a load of creamy cummy jizz.
You'll only be swallowing a few fingerfulls of cum for your first time, focusing on slowly savoring the flavors, the feel, the scent... After you get your first taste, you'll be dying to eat the rest of your load, but I'm not going to let you today. Instead, I'll let that unsated hunger for more burn and build inside of you until next time...
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First Time CEI

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