Fluid Bonding

Miss Kelle Martina - Fluid Bonding

Fluid Bonding

You are so addicted to me, you would even consume my waste. The p*ss that I leave in the toilet bowl, to usually flush away is precious golden nectar to you. I love to degrade and tease you in my tight, sexy dress as describe the flavor of my nectar. What is foul and disgusting to me, makes you ache in ways you never thought possible.
You crave my sweet words humiliating you as you kneel to accept the offering of my warm, yellow fluid. Get an up close veiw as I sigh in relief at emptying my bladder. You will gulp down my offering like a greedy pig when I hand over that full wine glass...
Dirty toilet pigs like you will have to drink what you crave.
This clip includes: masturbation instruction, pee, toilet fetish, tease and denial, humiliation, and FemDom POV.

Fluid Bonding

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