Mom\'s Humiliation

Dirty Dolly - Mom's Humiliation

Mom's Humiliation

I have big news for my M0m: I've been fucking my D4d for a year and now I'm pregnant with his baby! My D4d and I have decided to keep my M0m as a live in maid so that she can take care of all the inc3st b4bies that I'm going to have from my D4d breeding me. I go on to tell her that I'll be taking her place in my D4d's bedroom and she'll be taking my room in the basement. To finalize her humiliation, I tell her that she'll never taste her husband's cum again unless she licks it out of my pussy! I get so wet from talking about fucking my D4d, that I finish off by fingering my pussy while laughing and humiliating my M0m.

Mom's Humiliation

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