31 Day Jerk-Drone - EXTRA EDGING

Princess Lyne - 31 Day Jerk-Drone - EXTRA EDGING

31 Day Jerk-Drone - EXTRA EDGING

It's been a difficult past couple weeks for you, huh? I know, you've been edging relentlessly for Me? knowing that at the end of 31 days you will be allowed to CUM to Me. I know you love the control I have over your cock? you're addicted to it. You're addicted to stroking to Me each and every day. I bet it gets harder each time you edge too - to make sure you don't have an "accident." Well let Me help you out a little bit. Let's get you really worked up and then I'll DENY you, just for practice, ya know? Keep on edging, jerk-drone, I know you can't resist the thought of Me controlling your COCK for 31 days or even longer! Now it's time to make this a little bit more fun? I think some extra edging is in order!

31 Day Jerk-Drone - EXTRA EDGING

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