A Divine Goddess Brainwash

Goddess Lucy Marie - A Divine Goddess Brainwash

A Divine Goddess Brainwash

Worship my divine curves...covered in red fishnet...so erotic...so intoxicating.
My red lips... intense green eyes...exotic perfect body, will guide you into deep trance. I have the most soothing reassuring voice that takes you deeper than you have ever gone before. At first you are simply mesmerized... listening to my sensual voice and watching my pendant swing from side to side. Your mind empties and your body just melts to my words. Never have you seen such a perfect women, a divine vision in red...arousing every part of your body and soul. You have never felt this good, this relaxed...this open to sheer pleasure. I take you so deep, I awaken your senses... I make you realise there is no other goddess worthy of your worship than me. I make your cock so incredibly hard without even a touch. By the time you are rhythmically stroking your cock to my instructions. You are lost to my beauty... to my control....lost to the ultimate Goddess.
Allow me to take over you mind...never before as a women had such an erotic power over you.
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A Divine Goddess Brainwash

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