A Little Problem

Goddess Christina - A Little Problem

A Little Problem

Custom clip. No name used. Request: You are my girlfriends best friend. You know I want to sleep with you. The problem is, you know from my girl that I have a small cock and am a minute man. You suggest we make a bet. If I can last 3 min of your jerk off instructions then I can sleep with you. If I cant last, then I have to pay a bill for you (rent, car payment etc.) and you get to set my girlfriend up with a guy with a big dick. The bet is that I have to jerk it and I have to keep pace with your leg and foot while it's crossed.When the bet starts you have your legs crossed, you are moving your foot and leg, and very cocky-like saying I shouldnt have taken the bet, you own my little cock and that you are going to force me to bust my load. Constant use of the small penis signs (inch sign, beat off the pinky sign etc.) and references to how I cant last long enough, going to bust my load, how my girl needs a bigger cock etc. Constant mocking of "I know that probably feels too good" and "you're gonna bust" etc. As time progresses you pick up the pace with movement of your leg and foot (while keeping legs crossed), letting me know I cant handle it and finally tell me that youre going to count down and make me cum. You ask me if I'm ready for another 'double or nothing' round, change to another pair of open toed shoes and cross your leg and make it happen again (basically repeating the same type of comments) letting me know you totally own my cock and wallet.
Fetishes: SPH, Premature Ejaculation, JOI, Jerk Off Instruction, Masturbation Instruction, Legs, Foot, Heels, Findom, Light Humiliation, Bratty, Brat Girls, Bratty Goddess
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A Little Problem

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