QuickToolbar is a utility window for Unity3D. It allows for quick access to frequently used features and settings in a handy and clean UI.


QuickToolbar has many appealing features;

  • Small UI footprint - the utility fits well beneath the project view or can be resized to fit your workflow.
  • Extensible - add your own tools easily and painlessly.
  • Customizable - hide any tools you use infrequently and don't want to see.
  • Managed DLL - no scripts to clutter your workspace! The tool is always available, regardless of the state of your project.

Quick Toolbar will be available on the Unity Asset Store very soon!

QsmRepather is a simple, free tool to be used in conjunction with the awesome Photoshop plugin by Felix Schlitter called Quick-Save-Maps.

Using QsmRepather with Photoshop and Quick-Save-Maps allows you to move your saved flattened images to a game-ready destination folder automatically on export and improve your iteration time by spending significantly less time digging through folder structures. It is ideal for projects that separate raw authoring data from runtime game data, but maintain a common folder structure.


For example, consider the following folder structure;

<E:\Projects\Source\> : The project Source Root - where all PSDs and un-optimized data is stored.
<E:\Projects\Game\Data\> : The project Destination Root - where the game-ready (exported) data is stored.

Imagine you're working on a PSD with a colour map saved as

And the flattened image needs to be saved as

Notice that all the folders after the Source and Destination roots are identical.
QsmRepather can handle moving the file for you automatically, removing an annoying and repetitive step to getting the file in game.


QsmRepather v1.0 can be downloaded for free here.


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